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Union Minister Yadav accuses Congress of not implementing Kelkar report

New Delhi – Union Minister for Environment Bhupender Yadav on Friday said at an intellectual conference of Other Backward Classes (OBC) in Delhi that the Congress never implemented the Kaka Kalelkar report which was made for the welfare of the backward classes when it was in power.

Addressing the programme today, Yadav said, “When Congress was ruling in the country, it never allowed Kala Kalelkar report, made for the welfare of backward classes, to be implemented.”

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked for giving constitutional status to the backward classes in India when BJP came to power in 2014. “Today PM Modi has given constitutional status to the backward classes. He has given 27 per cent reservation to backward classes in Kendriya Vidyalayas,” he added.

In this programme, other BJP officials and the party’s OBC Commission president were also present.