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How Rahul Gandhi becomes ‘Hindu’ only during elections? asks WB BJP chief

Kolkata : Responding to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remarks during his Jaipur rally on Hindus and Hinduwadis, West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party President Sukanta Majumdar on Sunday said that the Congress leader projects himself as ‘Hindu’ only when the elections are around the corner.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had said during his Jaipur rally, ahead of Rajasthan Assembly elections in 2022, that the country belongs to ‘Hindus’, not ‘Hinduwadis’.

“It is our achievement that he is calling himself a Hindu. However, he acknowledges himself as a Hindu only during elections. He will wear ‘Janaeu’ during elections. He will visit temples and go for tourism during the elections. But when elections are not there, then he goes to beaches and has nothing to do with being a Hindu,” Majumdar told media.

“The people who claim themselves as Hindus are no less than the Ramayana’s Ravana who came dressed in ‘Bhagwa’ clothes as an impostor to kidnap Sita,” Majumdar added.

Reacting to Leader of the Opposition Suvendu Adhikari declaring a 72 hours’ protest in Singur to resolve the issues faced by farmers, he said, “We are conducting a protest in Singur from December 14. If the government stops us then we will fight the government. our demands are simply that the MSP given by the center is more than Rs in the entire country. should be implemented in West Bengal also. The farmers here are not getting the same MSP”.

“The bad quality of seeds of potatoes is being given to the farmers. They are not provided with subsidies on electricity. We want the state government to provide them subsidies. Another demand is to reduce the prices of diesel as it is done by the center,” he said.

On the promise made by Mamata Banerjee to provide monthly income support of Rs 5,000 per month to women if the party forms government in Goa ahead of Assembly elections 2022, he said that, “I think Bengali women must introspect as she always calls herself as I am Bengal’s daughter. But they are being given Rs 500 to Bengali women while promising to provide Rs 5,000 to women in Goa. They are doing political tourism. I think they should go and learn something about democracy in Goa”.