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Afghan women once again will be treated as second-class citizens – Report

Islamabad – Afghan women once again will be treated as second-class citizens with limited rights and unabated suppression in Afghanistan, a media report said on Tuesday.

The harsh reality is that Afghan women will be under unabated suppression in their own country and the Taliban in the name of their monopolised version of Islam will sacrifice the women’s rights and freedom in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s The News International reported on Tuesday.

Afghan women will experience violence not just in its physical form; it will also be structural, cultural and institutional, The News International said.

So far, the Taliban are not allowing women to work with men in workplaces. The women who worked in past with men were called “prostitutes” by a militant Talib leader on Afghan national TV.

The Taliban recently introduced an antiquated version of modesty for all women (including young girls), banned them from sports and others.

Such gender apartheid emanating from the Taliban controlled Afghanistan can’t lead to peace. The Taliban’s ideology involves gender apartheid at their core and it shows the future of Afghan women not much except regression and complete lack of empowerment, education, and access to healthcare facilities, according to The News International.