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US lawmakers urge Biden to take immediate action against Russia

Washington DC : A group of US lawmakers who recently visited Ukraine urged the Biden administration to take immediate action against Russia including imposing preemptive sanctions.

“I learned that we have an important window in the next few weeks to deter further Russian aggression from happening, everything from a limited incursion to including a full-scale invasion,” Congressman Seth Moulton, who just wrapped up a trip to Ukraine, told CNN on Tuesday.

Moulton, who was accompanied on his trip to Kiev by congressmen Salud Carbajal, Ruben Gallego, Mike Waltz and Joe Wilson, said he already sent a memorandum to the Biden administration urging it to take more proactive steps and detailed the kinds of weapons the United States needed to further equip Kiev with.

Moulton said the Biden administration did not want to provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin but needed to concentrate more on finding ways to deter Moscow.

He said the choice of weapons being sent to Kiev needed to reflect that strategy. Waltz, according to AFP, said the US should already be imposing preemptive sanctions on Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly refuted US allegations of preparing an invasion while expressing concerns about the transfer of NATO’s military equipment near Russian borders and the increase in the number of Western instructors in Donbas.