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PM Modi calls for preserving heritage buildings

New Delhi : Stating that India needs evolution and not revolution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need to preserve heritage buildings while moving towards technological upgradation.

Addressing the inauguration of the All India Mayors’ Conference, PM Modi said, “We should believe in evolution. India does not need revolution today. We don’t need to demolish our heritage buildings and reconstruct them rather we need to rejuvenate them and move towards technological upgradation. I want all the Mayors to take an initiative to bring their city to the top of the cleanest city list.”

The Prime Minister further suggested starting beautification competitions in cities to promote cleanliness and beautification across the country.

“Can we start a ward beautification competition in every city? This will promote a feeling of cleanliness and beautification across the country. Every city needs to set-up its own jury,” said PM Modi.

“Most of the cities in our country are traditional cities, developed in a traditional way. In this era of modernization, the antiquity of these cities is equally important,” added the Prime Minister.

Stressing on the cleanliness of the rivers, Prime Minister also suggested celebrating river festival every seven days a year.

PM Modi said, “We should celebrate river festival in our city for 7 days every year. Add the whole city to it. In this festival, the focus should be on the cleanliness of the river, its specialty.”

“Tourists from all over the world come to the Ganga Ghat of Kashi. Mata Ganga has a great contribution in running the economy of Kashi. We all have to take a sensitive approach towards the river in our cities,” added the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also urged the Mayors to encourage public participation in keeping their cities clean and healthy, and thereby contribute to their development.

“Our city should be clean and healthy too, this should be our effort The development of the city should be done through public participation. People’s participation should be emphasized,” said PM Modi.

“I am looking at the All India Mayors Conference program being held in Kashi with many possibilities. On one hand the world’s oldest city like Banaras and on the other hand the outline of the modern cities of modern India. All mayors would like to contribute to their societies in a major way. I’m certain all of you are working in that direction,” added the Prime Minister.

Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Puri participated via video-conferencing while Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was physically present at the conference.

The Conference has been organized by the Department of Urban Development of Uttar Pradesh in Varanasi. Mayors from various states across the country are participating in the conference. (ANI)