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MP man gets Taj Mahal like home built as gift for wife

Burhanpur : In a unique gesture, a Burhanpur man has built a house that is a replica of the famed Taj Mahal and gifted it to his wife.

While speaking to media, Anand Prakash Chouksey, said, “This 4-bedroom house symbolizes the monument of love and it’s for my wife. There is peace and positivity in this house. We have a meditation room in our home, too.” The house features four bedrooms, one kitchen, a library and a meditation room.

“As this Taj Mahal is located in our school premises, visitors are allowed in the school hour. I wish that this becomes a centre of tourism,” added Anand Chouksey.

Praveen Chouksey, the consultant engineer who built the house said, “It took us 2.5 years to complete this. We visited Agra and got some technical measurements and photographs. We also got the dimensions from the internet and especially the 360-degree view. The proportions were done then we started making the assignments. We have hired a team for carving from the Bengal. For interior marble making, we have hired artisans from Indore and Surat. ”

Anand Chouksey’s son, Kabir Chouksey, said, “Creativity is the most important thing. The major challenge was the making of the main arches. Creativity should be respected. The youth of Burhanpur is very proud.”